During the many projects that we have developed around the world on behalf of our customers we have had the pleasure of collaborating with colleagues and professionals in various countries.

It would have been a waste not to take advantage of these experiences. This is the reason that prompted us to develop a series of partnerships with those realities that more we appreciated for professionalism, quality and reliability.

The network we have organized allows us to intervene in different ways across Europe, United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Qatar, Bahrain, China, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico.

Anyone who is preparing to organize an event will face the unknown to rely on unknown subjects who, even if previously reliable, do not know thoroughly your display needs as your trusted supplier might know. Abroad we design, think and operate with very different mentalities and methods than ours. 
Addressing the cost management of documentation and regulations of foreign trade fair organizations certainly becomes more complicated than it is in your own country.

Having already dealt with these critical issues and thanks to the collaboration of a certified and reliable local partner, our company allows us to transfer to the customer the certainty of organizing the event in an optimal manner, without any setbacks, with maximum control and cost optimization.

The return of our Italian and European customers to this proposal has been very positive.
Many of our customers in the logic of a continuous collaboration have chosen to entrust us with the management of their foreign events, especially those with destinations in China, Dubai and Brazil.



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